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A Cavalcade Of Tourists

Fall is about to arrive and with it, in New England comes the turning of leaves. The hillsides burst into a dazzling array of color prompting tourists to arrive in cavalcades. Content, too, should likewise have it's season, a highly defined season, one that you could set your tourism...

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Text Analysis: The next step for eDiscovery, Legacy Information Clean-up and Enterprise Information Archiving

Text and content analysis differs from traditional search in that, whereas search requires a user to know what he or she is looking for, text analysis attempts to discover information in a pattern that is not known beforehand. One of the most compelling differences with regular (web) search is...

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Disposing of Electronic Records with “Triggering Event” Based Retention Periods

BACKROUND One of the greatest challenges faced by firms when implementing retention rules is effectively managing records that have retention periods predicated upon “event based triggers.” The challenge applies to records in all media, but I’ll focus on electronic...