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Is Social Enterprise Dead?

Long live the digital workplace!...The digital workplace thrives when employees have the tools to effectively act as both content producers and consumers of content

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IT and the Millennials: Bridging the chasm

When you drop this generation of Digital Natives, accustomed to flexibility and openness, into a workplace where the CIO holds the technology keys, they could be on an inevitable collision course

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On the Road Again…to AIIM

It was great to see side conversations begin about how the new generation of workers use smartphones in the workplace, and how companies need to leverage the trend to not only stay in business, but to innovate to stay above the competition

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Paper or digital? A [rhetorical] question for the new age

Thursday, October 24th, is the 4th annual World Paper Free Day , an initiative driven by AIIM (The Association for Information and Image Management), which aims to educate on how removing paper from the workplace can deliver significant benefits, on how moving to digital can improve processes, and besides the environmental impact, how it can positively impact the bottom line as well

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