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Nightmare in the Digital Archives - Digital Preservation Standards

The following are a few of the standards you should be aware of that will help you to preserve information: ISO 14721, Space data and information transfer systems – Open archival information systems – Reference model (OAIS) which is a digital standard freely available on the web and as an ISO standard

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SharePoint Users Look to Add-On Applications for Content Management Needs

Although only 34% of organizations are currently using add-on products for BPM (Business Process Management), workflow, classification, security, back-up and records archive, this figure is set to rise to over 75%, according to the stated intentions

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The Latest - Good - News About Digital Signatures

The following is a guest blog post by John Marchioni, General Manager & VP of Business Development, ARX and co-speaker at two upcoming AIIM Webinars. 7 Steps to Business Process Management on November 7; 2 EST John will co-speak with MWD Advisors' principal analyst...

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Evil Empire or Jedi Knights

We also need the ability to destroy content – regardless of where it is stored, unless we are comfortable with a ton of enterprise content being “archived” on obsolete devices sitting in sock drawers

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Kodak: The End of an Era

Many organizations like those in the government and nuclear industries still see film as the permanent archive choice due to it being technology agnostic and the proven longevity when maintained under specific conditions

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