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Principles of Creating a Top-Down Filing plan

Records management and archiving practices have now acquired a new level of visibility and importance within both public and private sectors, and, as a result, most organizations are acknowledging the relevance of comprehensive, high-quality records management solutions. The expectations for a...

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Defensible Disposition in a Nutshell -- My AIIM Talk

I just gave a talk on defensible disposition at AIIM, and here are the main points. I spend almost no time on the problem of over-retention – 99% of what I say here is about the solution. So read on. The problem of course is over-retention -- organizations have been over-retaining...

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Deletion Approval Process

Over the past nine months I have had the pleasure of participating on a team that is evaluating several CM applications in an effort to replace our organization’s legacy system. This process has been very educational and enlightening. As a CIP, CRM and long-time records manager I...

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