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How to Do Mobile Capture without Making the Mistakes We Learned to Avoid 10 Years Ago

Mobile capture is different from centralized capture in two ways: an easy way and a challenging way. The easy way is that mobile capture is very similar to capture with MFP devices, in that both are radically distributed capture . Radically distributed capture, as opposed to moderately...

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The bold future of decentralized RIM becoming centralized via software

If an office wants to go to paperless or if they are creating electronic records at a rapid rate it is inevitable that their records management practices will become decentralized. The most well intentioned centralized records manager cannot stop records from becoming decentralized in an...

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The Challenge - Should Records Management Be Centralized or De-centralized?

We all know that, finally, organizations are going paperless. A major effort ongoing in many departments as old paper records need to be scanned and stored is imaging and digital storage. What is done with the images after they are scanned varies greatly from one department to the next. Add...

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