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PG&E Misses Key Deadline to Produce Records

The process by which organizations catalog their information is known as data mapping. The above quote is from the heading of an AIIM article on Data Mapping ( )

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Records Retention Schedule – covering all documented information content, described in "functional" buckets Data mapping - identifying content in specific systems/repositories and mapping to retention schedule Business unit management level and administrative support level liaisons Policies, standards and procedures based on legal and business requirements, standards, industry best practices, etc

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Data Breaches and Implementing Proactive Security Policies

” There have been a handful of other incidents like this I have personally seen or been engaged by a client to assist in resolving has led to some of my more cautious or sometimes “dooms day” like questions at times during road mapping and architectural design session for some of EPC Group’s global clients

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The Lost Art of Data Destruction: An overlooked key to records management and e-discovery

After mapping out the departments and relevant archives, define the documents that must be retained in each archive (paper, electronic and e-mail), as well as who has the appropriate access rights, the location of the archive (physical or network based), the responsible officer, and the retention and destruction rules

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Content Obesity - Diagnosis & Treatment

Organisations need to design a governance model that transparently joins the dots: The business needs to describe the information entities, based on their value and utility, mapping them to the asset, system and application descriptions that IT understands

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