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With more and more business-critical data arriving locked away in email attachments, businesses can’t afford not to automate the extraction process.

If you’ve been in business more than a few years, you remember the “old days.” Back then, important documents – invoices and applications, for example – came on paper, via the U.S. mail or courier. You opened an envelope, manually entered the information into...

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Service Bureaus: The Unheralded Heroes of Our Industry

If you are in need of a reminder, these are just some of the services that can be provided to you: Store and manage paper files and boxes including certified paper destruction when requested Document scanning/capture of virtually any size paper document or microfilm Improve image quality of deteriorating documents – saving documents after a disaster has struck and be an important step to recovery and restarting your business Conversion of the document image to a PDF or other formats as specified such as JPG Data extraction and upload to your back-end processes Data Entry OCR/ICR/Marksense Forms Recognition Indexing with your designated metadata/taxonomy Full-text conversion of large documents like contracts Redaction of data on the image such as a SSN or other PII Upload index data and image files to your system for search and retrieval Automate processes via workflow – such as an accounts payable process Store and host all of your electronic data Provide disaster recovery services Professional services/consulting to help you better understand how to make the best use of their services and your processes Be there to help your business work faster and be more productive – these companies like a challenge What kind of documents and information do they handle?

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How To: Exploiting Big Data with Indexes

Features Benefits Automatic indexing of relevant data Full-page for complete index Touch indexing for structured data extraction Reduces costs associated with manual data entry Ability to analyze all data sets Offers ease of use for high user adoption Solution Description: This solution might sound gaudy and complicated but it’s actually straight-forward and logical

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