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Automated Processing & Manual Data Entry: Establishing the Right Mix for Your Business

Many companies rely on a combination of automatic pattern recognition technology and manual data processing. Even with automated forms processing, bad data can get through. And accuracy levels for automated recognition have been under criticism since the technology was first introduced....

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Data about Metadata - Indexing large format documents

For the last 13 years, I have learned there are no shortcuts to indexing large format drawings. I have heard stories about utility companies outsourcing an imaging project where they scan and index a large volume of drawings. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how to define their...

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That ROI was not where I last left it

time to do the data-entry work on documents...description is not data-entry but is doing data...-entry work. It's often overlooked...because the data-entry portion of their job is

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OCR Stands for Automation – Not Literally

the fact that human data entry becomes...errors as the data entry carries on. With...human data entry, you not only need an

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Your killer SaaS app

convincing enough without automatic data entry...not do data entry. Whether your core...entry and you recognize the unbelievable...users do manual data entry. The benefits of

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Demystifying Forms Processing and Data Capture

’ reduces the barrier to entry. No longer is it...entry. One of the most important...manual data entry and realize a truly

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