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Increase Your Organization’s Productivity through Customer Relationship Management

Management (CRM) platforms worldwide to help...scratch. If the history of communication was...#ElectronicRecordsManagement #Records-Management

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How to do Alerts and Notifications

communications management (CCM) is the functionality...elements: Event Management , Profiles and...Preferences , Rules Management , Process and...Policy Management , Delivery Management

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E2.0 + CRM = SCRM

adaptive) case management (ACM) and enterprise...content management (ECM). Today I’m...: customer relationship management ( (SCRM). I don’t want to rehash

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What Is an Electronic Form?

management effort can take many different paths...outbound communication are forms we don’t...type of static communication includes

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Big Data or Big Mistake

bought a password management app for my iPad...some upper management pinhead will buy into...without embarrassing ourselves. #Management

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Managing Profiles and Preferences: Customer-centric Content

management industry often overlook is profile and...the management of project, or the unified your information management agenda for

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