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Office of Record – Poor Man’s De-duplication

In an electronic age, the idea of Office of Record is about as quaint as hats for women at weddings. But don’t sell the idea short. It has the power to eliminate confusion, not to mention needless duplicates. Office of Record identifies the business unit responsible for...

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Going Digital

A short entry for this week: As a continuation of the “going digital” discussion – it is advantageous to work toward a scenario in which not only internal business processes are converted to digital record-keeping environments whenever possible, but in which information...

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Reasons Why You May Need to Keep Some Paper Records After Digitization

In my first blog post last week, I talked about foundational requirements that, in my opinion, support maintaining trustworthy electronic records in lieu of paper - unless there is a specific requirement to maintain hard-copy. I mentioned, for example, UETA and the E-Signature Act in the US...