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The Importance of Context

If I told you that when my daughter was very young, I once let her drink from a glass that had been contaminated with a grainy black particulate matter, you might think I was nuts. If I added that it was a glass of milk, and the particulate matter was OREO Cookie crumbs, you would understand....

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2012 will be all about contextual data, vertical communication, and simplicity

Is this the right invoice? Is it paid in full? Where did that contract go? Did you follow-up on that email? So what if you're not in the office, pull it up on your smartphone. You can, right? Have you heard things like this lately? Contextual Data If so, then maybe...

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Which Collaboration Are We Talking About?

In the AIIM Enterprise 2.0 course there is a discussion around 3 different approaches to collaboration: Interpersonal Content/Context Procedural In the Enterprise 2.0 sphere, we’re constantly using the word “collaboration” but we generally...

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