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Information Governance in The Era of 'Pandora's Box' on Content

Another way to describe this process is to become "content aware". Put simply, being content aware is the process of understanding what information is created or managed by an organization, organizing it by how it is used, assigning value to it, and then managing it accordingly. Do a Web search for the phrase "content aware" and you'll only find this topic applied to information governance from the aspect of data loss prevention (DLP). While DLP is certainly one tool in the information governance arsenal, it is just one potential application that can make use of being "content aware". Capture, ECM, archiving, BPM, records management, and many other business applications can provide much greater value by becoming more content aware

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Saints Misbehavin’: Email as Smoking Gun

But even if you are not, you should be keenly aware as an information professional that internal club e-mails played a role in bringing the situation to a head

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Recap of the War on Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

I'll add them as I become aware of more: This is Gartner’s announcement on The Death of ECM and the Birth of Content Services

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Staying Ahead of the Content Fragmentation

What we need to do now is to keep our heads, and be aware of the requirements that surround each piece of content (which might be different depending on content type, system of record, or business unit) and how they should be accessed, viewed, edited, shared, secured, retained, or removed by members of your social collaboration network

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On the Road Again…to AIIM

Throughout the session, and from the discussions we had afterwards, it was interesting to see that a vast majority of the attendees were not that aware that smartphones are becoming the next capture and scanning device

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CMIS, A Standard Whose Time has Come

For those that aren’t aware, I live for things that make my life easier

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