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Content: It’s All About (Safe) Access

Duhon: How do you combine BYOD and secure access to content?...Cost is lower today, but complexities and latencies in accessing enterprise content have to be addressed

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

Increasingly, users are asking for access to content repositories from mobile devices, such as phones and iPads...How big a requirement is mobile access in your organization?...Enabling content for mobile access is critical

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The challenge of publishing content for offline and mobile use

Making large numbers of manuals or even an entire corporate library available for offline access on mobile devices is not as easy as it sounds...A specific set of a given library can be distributed all at once to workers who need access in the field

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Empowering End Users via Automation

Here’s my top 10 SharePoint automation list: Self-service granting/removing access – The most common task a container will go through is the granting of permissions and removing of permissions to that container so users can be part of the collaboration. Self-service transferring/cloning access – The ability to transfer permissions from one individual to another or give someone the same permissions as another user is a very common scenario

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Information Governance in The Era of 'Pandora's Box' on Content

Now that anyone can create content through a variety of easy-to-access software apps, publish the content without the hassle of reviews, and present the information to multiple applications and "channels" in real-time, organizations and businesses are caught in an unfortunate arms race of attempting to reclaim control, while their own staff find new and interesting ways around that control

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Mobile ECM - What YOU Need to be (at Least) Thinking About

Knowing that you can access content securely is no longer good enough. Organizations want trusted content access from smart devices, but more importantly they are demanding consistency across mobile, Web, and desktop

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Want to Fit Into Big Data? You'd Better Hit the Gym First!

Two years later…we need to allow our customer service representatives to access contracts, invoices, change orders, data and delivery tickets to answer client questions. Well, some of this information is stored in the ERP and some is stored in CRM, so let’s get another system where we can put copies of the content that can be accessed by customer service. The technicians need access to client service data but can’t access information remotely in our existing ERP. OK, let’s get a different management system where we can duplicate the data that the technicians need but that can be accessed remotely

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How Can Information Professionals Celebrate Open Education Week?

It's a celebration of free and open access to educational tools and platforms, reducing the barriers to ongoing learning. "Open education is about sharing, reducing barriers and increasing access in education. It includes free and open access to platforms, tools and resources in education....Open education seeks to create a world in which the desire to learn is fully met by the opportunity to do so

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