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RFPS are Dead! Here is why we should let them rot

RFPS are DOA Time of death: December 6, 7:27 a.m., 2010. As of this moment, ECM, eforms, and capture RFPs are officially dead. Yes, you heard me—DEAD . As a friend once told me, an RFP is like a colonoscopy, someone you hardly know gets to inspect you from the inside out. Universally,...

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Now WebTV! How companies will find their consumers?

A dream-come-true to consumers, a nightmare for business, specially brand managers, marketing and finance professionals. The communication media is changing so dramatically and so fast that businesses are still trying to figure out what to do in this new environment to increase, or at least...

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Thinking Consumers First – Usability Rules!

“Do you know the employees at your company?” Success in deploying, adoption and usage of Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) solutions is highly dependent on one key factor. That factor is the employees at your company. In today’s complex work environments, we need to have tremendous...

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