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Consolidate, Federate, or Leave It Alone: What to Do about All of Those Disparate Repositories

Many clients engage us to help them focus on a simple objective: “We need a single repository for all of our documents.” Simple enough, yet right now their content is scattered across five, ten, or fifteen different systems (and, unfortunately, for most of our larger clients, the...

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Purge Baby Purge!

In this Lenten season we shed our wintery garments for the faster step of a lighter spring, How light our step depends on how much baggage we're willing to haul to the next station. When it comes to those brimming cartons of virtual folders there is only one sure thing: the goal of...

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Decline of Web 2.0 Pure Plays - Power of Low Friction Interaction

There is no doubt that the social web has become a staple of modern society. With this maturity comes change. Just as the automobile industry underwent massive consolidation once some common practices were established around manufacturing, Web 2.0 has seen massive consolidation around...

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