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Is your collaboration process letting you collaborate effectively?

For many organizations, formal projects represent the most significant collaborative process they have. They impact a large number of people across a variety of roles for extended periods of time. They form the foundation for getting certain things done - and these things tend to be complex and...

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Enterprise 2.0 In A Small Company

The company I work for is small, in the 1-25 employee category. We hardly qualify as an "Enterprise" but that hasn't meant that we haven't marched forward with our Enterprise 2.0 implementation and already realized benefits from it. We first set forward some realistic...

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Social Media – A culture shock

Ever since we started talking about Social Media the discussion about culture and how to get workers to use the technologies in a meaningful manner has been ongoing as well. It seems almost like as if only a major move or shift is necessary to get people to use these tools and methods to...

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