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How To: File and Document Conversion with Cloud Storage

You ask and you shall receive. Our fearless AIIM Community Leader, Bryant Duhon , recently shared the results of a survey conducted of you, the AIIM Community Blog readership; about what more we can do to enhance the usefulness of our blog posts. An overwhelming majority...

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Silver Lining Security: Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe

Cloud storage is no doubt a breath of fresh air in the constant struggle of document and data storage. It relieves organizations of the risks involved with storage and security of paper or microfilm documents, yet it is often forgotten that there are security steps which need to be taken after documents and data have been shifted to the Cloud. Make Cloud storage a great and efficient experience for your organization, by doing these quick things

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Defining Cloud Information Management (CIM) Systems

Is storing files in a cloud storage application collaboration or is it just a smart FTP site?...Simple storage and retrieval. This type of application offers the user the ability to store and retrieve files in a cloud-based storage area

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Cloud security risks slow adoption - but help is on the way

Risks surrounding cloud storage As the move to the cloud hastens, however, organizations and individuals share concerns over the risks associated with storing critical and often sensitive information, including records and personal information in the cloud

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Man v. cloud: 3 tips for migrating ECM to the cloud

Many cloud vendors charge by storage space...Firstly, make sure that you are not storing content unnecessarily – especially if you have low storage limits or high storage costs

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Understanding On-Premises, Cloud, & Hybrid Environments in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

Storage Design of SharePoint 2013 and Hybrid Office 365 Environments When looking at storage in terms of the actual system architecture design perspective , the following initial items should start this conversation: • How has storage been allocated for this effort or what may be available for this initiative? • What are the actual costs of storage and/or purchasing or procuring in various-size allocations?

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