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The Golden Age of Cloud Services

And there continue to be management and governance concerns, which becomes more complex as each new service is added to an organization's technology portfolio

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Are cloud services the new electricity

In a similar way since the start of the digital revolution we have seen a growth in the localised IT services

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

I just got back from visiting with a couple large EMC customers, and one topic we discussed was the concept of building a shared services model to support their use of document capture

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Economies of scale: Cloud processing

In organizations, small or large, Information Technology systems are comprised of similar components: Hardware, software and services...One of the most logical services to utilize Cloud Computing is Data Capture

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Be careful who you trust with your data !

Nowadays, especially with an on-going global economic crisis, companies are under a lot of pressure to reduce costs, and hope to do so with the many services are available in the cloud: social services such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , data hosting services such as Dropbox , iCloud , SkyDrive or even infrastructure services such as Amazon EC2 , Google AppEngine and Microsoft Windows Azure are all very tempting products

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It’s in the Cloud. “What, Me Worry?”

This blog was co-authored by Norman Weiner, SVP Technology Services, Kaizen InfoSource...Cloud services have developed at a rapid pace as virtualization has matured

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Should you trust the cloud ? Really ?

There are nowadays many different kinds of cloud services, ranging from online backup to simple file sharing to personal digital spaces

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The top 5 hosting myths debunked

In the cloud, you get 24/7 access to your emails, files, services and user accounts via Outlook Web App or your web-based service management portal, for example. A good hosting provider will also give you a little something extra: customized service to meet your specific needs

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