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The bold future of decentralized RIM becoming centralized via software

If an office wants to go to paperless or if they are creating electronic records at a rapid rate it is inevitable that their records management practices will become decentralized. The most well intentioned centralized records manager cannot stop records from becoming decentralized in an...

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Back to Basics: Choose Your Model

So, in examining a corporate strategy on how best to deploy a scanning and capture solution, there are typically 3 models: Centralized De-centralized Distributed Each model has its own pros/cons, and below I will examine each, and dive into some detail. ...

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Universal Document Capture

“First the earth cooled. And, then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died, and they turned into oil.” Then came Universal Document Capture! OK, I may have skipped a few important events for the interest of time. I also have to say that I am a big ...

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“But I WANT a scanner on my DESK!”

Who in ECM hasn’t heard that one before. I tend to hear it when we move our ECM project into a new department. Those users tent to have some preconceived notions about what Document Imaging means for them. To many, it means “I get a scanner!” It’s odd for...

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Centralized or Distributed Scanning?

There are benefits of centralizing your scanning in Scanning Hubs or Centers with dedicated staff and advanced capture software, but there are also benefits of going for distributed scanning by users using MFPs or scanning stations. Our capture research from last year identifying the most common...

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The Challenge - Should Records Management Be Centralized or De-centralized?

We all know that, finally, organizations are going paperless. A major effort ongoing in many departments as old paper records need to be scanned and stored is imaging and digital storage. What is done with the images after they are scanned varies greatly from one department to the next. Add...

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