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Information Into Action - Beyond Governance, An AIIM 2014 Presentation

Lance Shaw is the Senior Principal Product Marketing Director for Oracle WebCenter Content and Imaging Solutions. With a focus on the value that can be realized from content management and related technologies, Lance is responsible for outbound evangelism, product messaging, thought leadership and social media marketing for Oracle WebCenter Content and Imaging solutions. Lance has over 16 years of experience in product marketing and technical product management, focusing on enterprise content management and collaboration solutions

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Building the Information Governance Business Case Within Your Company; an AIIM 2014 Presentation

Rob also lived in Asia and was the General Manager for Recall Hong Kong and the Regional Sales & Marketing Director for Asia. Rob holds a MBA from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management in Leadership & Managing Organizational Change and an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business

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Socializing the business - the light's on but there's no one home

Social is about instant messaging, presence indicators, activity streams, staff profiles, forums, video-conferencing and much more… And it appears that organizations are understanding this, with good levels of social integration to a wide-range of areas such as project management, staff communication and content management, as well as the blindingly obvious marketing integration. The interesting thing about the marketing results, aren't that the marketing department are integrating social into their processes - we know that already - but that most of those that are going to do this have done it already, and predicted further uptake across the next 12 months is minimal

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Scenes From A SharePoint Installation Process

Microsoft has done some brilliant marketing around SharePoint, they’ve managed to manipulate the very software approval process at many large organizations

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OCR to Better Business Processes

Now my favorite part: sales and marketing! What if you need to update last year’s marketing brochure with new statistics?...Your marketing team can use OCR to easily extract the text and make it usable today

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Advertising for Intranets

And the sequestering of search leaves open a great many benefits that commercial search can never attain: Sincere, unmiitigated organic search -- the most popular downloads are based on merit, not marketing Social bookmarking (folksonomies) -- the hallmark of any demand-based system User ratings (+ number of raters) -- a companion of usage reporting with a built-in bias towards positive feedback Search configuration -- tuning search to recognize mot only the richest metadata but the most unique properties in the content it crawls so those identifiers land in the refiners or facets which enable better questions That's the kind of conversation you may not have directly with your users

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Want to Fit Into Big Data? You'd Better Hit the Gym First!

Not sure about which direction to head with next year’s marketing budget? There’s a dashboard on the marketing director’s desk that tells us exactly how effective our dollars have been over the last 3 years

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The Social Business Roadmap: Background

At the same time, we found that many of the resources on the web focused fairly narrowly on social media marketing. There are very few quality resources available that address internal use cases or even external ones apart from marketing, sales, and customer service

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The SharePoint Community and Open Innovation

What really struck me about the #SPJam Twitter conversation and also in retrospect, looking back over all of the SharePoint community activities I see and have been involved with, one specific thing sticks out more than anything else and that’s individuals: “There’s too much focus on individuals and not enough focus on bringing value to organisations or even more importantly to our collective customers” Reading between my own lines, basically what I’m saying is that the SharePoint community should move its focus from being purely person-centric (note we should never ever stop delivering value to individuals) and start delivering significantly more value for the “end customer”, and yes I would be as bold as to say we in the SharePoint community should start making money for each other, those dirty words like “sales”, “marketing”, “leads”, “relationships”, “joint opportunities” etc.!

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