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SharePoint - No Joke

Sometimes, Tuesday rolls around and I have nothing to say about SharePoint. I don’t stress too much, but I do admit to feeling the “presence of Bryant” when I start thinking “ who would care if I skipped a week? ” Of course something usually happens that spins me up...

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Nobody Reads Anymore; Are You Ready?

No, I am not accusing humankind of a lack of interest in literature. And I assume that you passionately follow your favorite magazines - from Wired to Cosmopolitan. What I am talking about is the decline in reading time at work. People don't read much anymore. Nobody has the time to read...

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Motivating Content Sharing in Business: Focus on Cultural and Filter Failures

Your employees have a lot of knowledge in their heads. You want to extract it and turn it into a shared resource for the company. So you set up social tools like blogs and wikis and podcasting to give employees platforms for authoring their own content to share what they know and what they are...

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5 Surprisingly Good Benefits of Corporate Blogs

When someone first thinks of corporate blogs an image of large organizations pushing their good and services springs to mind. Counter to this initial perception, this has not been the case. The web and blogging / social media specifically, shift the balance of power - supporting enthusiasts...

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