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Is BPM the Smarter Choice for Loan Origination?

In everything retailed, banks and financial services organizations have the toughest share of the pie. The vertical is tightly strung when it comes to regulations. Customer attrition is high and the recent financial calamities have done their bit to squeeze profits. As a result Banks and...

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Paper or digital? A [rhetorical] question for the new age

This is a guest post by Adrian Ungureanu, Principal Consultant and Tony Tummillo, Senior Consultant, at Capco “Paper or plastic?” used to be the expected question at the supermarket checkout counter. In many business settings, the question becomes “Paper or digital?...

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Social Media Integration: What’s the limit for Banks?

Social media, with over one billion monthly active visitors, has become an obvious choice for enterprises when it comes to brand promotion and customer engagement. With an exposure to such a huge user base, banking institutions (especially retail banks) from all around the world are trying their...

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Get me to the swim meet on time

I was in Toronto this week and, other than the unseasonably warm weather I enjoyed, also had a great conversation with a client that crystalized some things for me about how Enterprise 2.0 methods can transform information sharing. He works for one of the Big 5 Canadian banks in retail...

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Why Mobile Banking Advances Should Signal Compliance Retreat

It’s been so crazy around here that I plumb forgot to talk about one of the more nerve-wracking announcements of the last couple of months – namely Bank of America’s plan to begin two-way text banking in the second half of next year. Why is this unnerving? Because it...

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Thoughts from the Home of Country Music

What started with a round of golf ended with a fare adieu. No, I’m not talking about my in-laws’ trip into town this past holiday weekend. I am actually referring to the AIIM Document Management Service Provider Executive Forum that took place a few weeks ago in USA’s very...

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SharePoint 2010: The New SOA Platform

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a term you don’t hear very much anymore. It was all the rage when I was doing hands-on consulting many years ago so, I’m quite familiar with the goals and challenges of developing a SOA. Wikipedia defines SOA as “a flexible set of ...

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No More Wait at the Bank

Appling for a loan, requesting credit, and buying a home may be the most stressful transactions that consumers make. In the best case scenario, there are a plethora of forms to fill out, secondary documentation to provide, and days of processing time required. Banks, credit unions and...

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Progress at Different Paces

When we first started a records management initiative 15 years ago, it was all about scanning account agreements and storing statements & green bar reports from our core processing system. Five years later we had two separate, relatively specialized document management systems, the original...

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