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Document Processing Opportunities that can Improve Customer Experience

When opening a customer account, an organization has a very valuable first-impression opportunity to make with its customers. It needs to convey speed and competency. Little interaction points can go a long way. One small way to do this is to utilize document processing software to its highest...

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A not-so-brave world of paper

AIIM President John Mancini wrote a post recently called " The Brave New World of Scanning and Capture - Really? " that addressed some of the information management challenges associated with buying a car. I just had the opportunity to refinance my house and as I went through that...

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What Is Integrative Middleware?

As organizations around the world seek to “do more with less,” they are increasingly looking to integrate—or combine—IT systems to eliminate the costly and time-consuming practice of toggling between multiple applications. Integrative middleware is software that is...

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