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SharePoint Surveys - Design for Analysis

Nothing here qualifies as a stunning breakthrough in survey design, and these suggestions are aimed at making the downstream job easier – that has to be balanced with making the survey experience a good one. Note: the survey referenced is designed to gather information about attendees coming to an off-site meeting

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Help us to better understand the use of Process Mapping & Modelling Tools

Some of you may recollect that In 2009, I conducted a survey into the use (or non use!) of mapping and modelling tools, for process improvement. At the time the survey was said to have been the most comprehensive of its kind to have been undertaken. Now I need your help. Much has...

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SharePoint is about Business Users, not IT

” Being specific about what you want to achieve provides a clearer picture of what needs to go into the broader design, and will help you better estimate your project goals

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Summary of My AIIM 2014 Talk on Defensible Disposition

This is the design specification that states very clearly the objectives that your methodology will fulfill...To review, the Policy is the design specification that lays out very clearly the objectives that your methodology will fulfill

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The Ocean of Big Data – II

So, Big Data is going to have to deal with accessing multiple IT systems, multiple data formats, varied user needs, and often metadata constructs unrelated by their original design

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