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Shouldn’t Big Data be Making Things Less Dumb by Now?

Maybe it’s me. Maybe my expectations are higher than they should be. Don’t tell Thornton May, but I am generally unimpressed with the impact of Big Data on advertising. I’m trying to not let this post turn into a sports-inspired rant, but put yourself in my shoes for a few...

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In 2013 Search No More

Happy predictive mapping and good morning future. It's easier to get our crystal ball bearings with a recent step back into some bold and equally unheralded moves forward. In 2011 we entered two realms that will forever change human perceptions of learning and discovery. Google...

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Social Networks – Are They Only Social?

Social Networks are sure getting a lot of attention these days; and when I read about them in news or in trade journals, I am not surprised to see that the issues about social networks are varied. But what surprises me the most is when I ask groups of people what their impression of social...

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