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Activity Streams Are Not the Killer App

Expert blogger David Lavenda wrote an interesting piece for the Fast Company blog which essentially paints activity streams as the email-killer. While Twitter provides a sort if activity stream, better examples are Facebook, Yammer, and SharePoint My Sites, among others. Activity streams, or, as Lavenda describes them -- syndicated update -- do provide a much more effective method for the broadcasting of information than email

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Activity streams ARE the killer feature (but not app)

Things I love: Activity feeds Soccer Cat photos Things I hate: Being CCed on emails Getting emails Sending emails Clowns What is an activity feed ? It depends on the applications and tools...

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Activity Streams Have Great Potential for Collaboration in Manufacturing

These days, activity streams seem to be popping up everywhere in enterprise tech as vendors rush to add social features to their software. Twitter and Facebook-like streams are even starting to gain traction in manufacturing software

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Lousy Ratings, Part 2

If anything a fruitless search is an open invite to a host of improvable outcomes, including: Search engine training to broaden the narrowly-based queries of fixated users Gap analysis distributed to content owners who may well have answers -- just not captured in the wording or format requested by the user Expansion of word maps, glossaries and/or thesaurii through managed metadata services so that variants and equivalencies can address an otherwise zero hit encounter the next time around The truth about document ratings and usage metrics is that SharePoint's activity streams are rolling our colleague's knowledge-seeking behaviors from isolated browser sessions to the big screen of community life

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