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A Single Identity?

In a comment to a prior post ( ), James Lappin noted that Facebook and Twitter are pushing to become the identity platforms for the internet and compared this to Microsoft's Active Directory inside the firewall

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Too Much Information?

Late last week, we experienced a ripple in the space-time continuum that keeps SharePoint aligned with Active Directory

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Migrating to SharePoint 2010: Home Makeover MOSS Edition

If we put our content house on the market, the asking price would be... 113 GIG farm all based in one site collection Tens of thousands of inconsistently labeled artifacts (some with versioning conflicts) Excessive number of libraries (+1000 – some bloated, others barren) Loosely-defined content types (– not always aligned with collection libraries) All tethered to a delinquent and outdated production version of Active Directory (how's that for a rock-solid governance foundation?)

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