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Deep-Dive of SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Proven Development Strategies

Windows Workflow Foundation 4 is hosted in the new Workflow Manager Client, as shown in the diagram below, and is built on the messaging functionality of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). For you to be able to perform development activities in SharePoint 2013 , Office 365 and/or SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure , there are core technologies and tools you must have available as detailed below: SharePoint 2013 Development Environment: Visual Studio 2013 and tools Microsoft Office 2013 Professional An Office 365 Developer Site Windows Azure SDK and tools: High-level overview of SharePoint 2013 Workflow and the W orkflow Manager Workflow activities, which are implementations of activity classes and are implemented declaratively by using XAML (e.g

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Developing Workflows in SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Workflow Development "From the Consulting Trenches" There has been a complete update to SharePoint 2013 ’s workflow capabilities and overall workflow architecture, as shown in image below, with new features as well as the underlying workflow engine itself receiving a major overhaul. In this post, EPC Group's SharePoint and Office 365 hybrid development team will walk you through new best practices and strategies regarding workflow development. The workflows in SharePoint 2013 run within Workflow Manager by services, processes and logic received from SharePoint 2013

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Workflow Design - Best Practices

Designing business workflows can be a daunting task...Workflow Encapsulation Sub workflows neatly encapsulate entire processes, making for modular, reusable design...Not all workflow solutions enable subflows

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SharePoint Workflow, Digital Signatures, and a Webinar

I’ll be talking about workflow, SharePoint workflow, and digital signatures in an AIIM Webinar on March 12th, “SharePoint Workflows + Digital Signatures: No more paper, Fast ROI

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BPM vs Workflow โ€“ Which to Choose

In part, this bafflement is caused by people not understanding the differences between processes, workflows, and activities (tasks), from a non-technology perspective. The bafflement is also caused because we (vendors) have done a crappy job in articulating the differences between BPM tools and workflow tools, and that BPM tools can execute workflows, but workflow tools pretty much suck at BPM but can execute a business process

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Remember when workflow was two words? The concept is still just as relevant.

In a recent interview, I managed to score some laughs when I said I’ve been helping people manage their information “since workflow was two words

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