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Microsoft and Nokia Together At Last: Smart Move for the Mobile Marketplace?

Big announcement from Microsoft late Monday night, but not exactly surprising. Microsoft has said it will purchase Nokia’s Devices & Services business, license Nokia’s patents, and license and use Nokia’s mapping services for EUR 5.44 billion (roughly US$7.2 billion). ...

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Evolution of UX in Microsoft Stack

Touch interface is changing the way we interact with computing devices. Touch brought a revolutionary change in mobile industry with smart phones and tablets. Now this technology is moving from Smart phones to desktop software. Using touch screen in place of keyboards & mouse, makes...

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Notes on Azure, SharePoint, and Windows Live

Notes on Azure, SharePoint, and Windows Live Recently I needed to authenticate an external SharePoint site using Windows Live. So, I logically thought of using Azure since that is way Microsoft is going and it is easier to configure than the old Windows Live way without using Azure. There...

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Social SharePoint --- An Oxymoron?

Social SharePoint is coming to a desktop and a mobile device near you … and soon. Today SharePoint is ubiquitous in the enterprise. With over 125 million SharePoint users and a goal to reach 500 million with the next release of Office (aka Wave 15 ) From Jared Spataro’s...

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Automatic login for Windows users on a multi provider Claims site

If you have the option to login with multiple providers you are presented with a login page that lets you choose which option you want. The default file for this is in the hive under TEMPLATE/IDENTITYMODEL/LOGIN and is named default.aspx. If you want to automatically log on with Windows...

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Windows just see’s better

I get asked a lot on twitter, “what is the best OCR for Linux?”, usually there is “free” in there somewhere as well. The fact is, although of the top 4 commercial OCR engines, 3 have Linux versions; the accuracy compared to their Windows counterpart is substantially less...

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