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In 2013 should you double your resolutions ?

With the advent of high pixel density mobile screens on phones, tablets and phablets , there are still some unknowns as to whether the desktop and laptop computers will also include such high resolution screens. This new year will therefore probably involve updating your web sites to...

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Evolution of UX in Microsoft Stack

Touch interface is changing the way we interact with computing devices. Touch brought a revolutionary change in mobile industry with smart phones and tablets. Now this technology is moving from Smart phones to desktop software. Using touch screen in place of keyboards & mouse, makes...

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Still Optimizing Business Processes After All These Years

At 11am Eastern today, AIIM's tweetchat returns, reincarnated. Formerly the ECMJam, it is being rechristened as InfoChat. This isn't just a random change. AIIM is a Community of Information Professionals. Not just Content, but Data and all the technologies that help today's Knowledge...

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Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning

Got people on the road who need ready access to your organizational information? Need to capture information from the field on a device that is smarter and more multifunctional than a netbook but for which a notebook is overkill? Well, then, ol’ Doc Weissman has just the thing: take two of...

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iPad 2 – for the Enterprise or just an Angry Bird?

I write this article as I’m packing up to camp out at the local Apple store in preparation for the iPad 2 launch. Not because I have to, rather because I enjoy meeting new people and the spectacle that is now synonymous with Apple product launches... and Comic-Con. As products like ...

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