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Systems of Engagement and the Future of Enterprise IT

I am pleased to announce that AIIM's new white paper, "Systems of Engagement and the Future of Enterprise IT" is now available at . This white paper describes the current state of enterprise IT vs. the increasing consumerization of technology as reflected in the ubiquity of mobile devices and the surge in usage of commercial social technologies like Facebook and Twitter

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Come Together

” Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking/ranting/blogging/tweeting about unstructured content, social business, systems of record (SOR), Systems of Engagement (SOE), mobile stuff, and the whole thing about going paperless

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Talking Governance, Risk, ECM, and Productivity

A conversation between expert bloggers Chris Riley (to the left) and Dan O'Leary (right) about systems of engagement, systems of record, ECM, and how much is too much to worry about risk, compliance, and government

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The Format is the Message

Not all knowledge work needs to bask in the light of informed genius...The story here isn't that much of our virtual office park bonding is over menial, repetitive looping...We're there at the behest of the machinery

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It’s the Users... An Old Story Repeated Many Times

How many times have we talked and written about making the User the center of attention when implementing a new technology? In several recent engagements, I’ve found that the implemented system has largely failed not because of the system, but because of user rejection

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Going paperless: Cloud-based document management, or enterprise EDMS?

From personal use of storing photos and music from our smart phones to syncing seamlessly with our desktops and laptops, it frees up a lot of storage space and eliminates the need for an external hard drive

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