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The Chapter Works

Last week, the New England chapter held our final event of the program year. Not only was the event a success, but it was described by many participants as having been the best panel discussion ever. I used the word many, because it wasn’t a few people, it wasn’t “several...

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How ECM Clouds Are Different from Generic Clouds

In my last blog I talked about some of the recent problems with the big, generic cloud companies and how they may provide some capabilities that can’t be matched in-house, but they also have some limitations to the specific ECM market. In some cases, the very flexibility and safety built...

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Weather at AIIM 2010 -- Partly Cloudy

For anyone who attended the 2010 AIIM expo + conference last week you had to wonder if this were really the “SharePoint Conference”. As I walked around the expo floor, besides the large SharePoint 2010 booth from Microsoft and large adjacent KnowledgeLake booth, almost every booth...

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