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Competing on the Field But Cooperating in the Office

From the player (Gilbert Arenas' landmark blogging in 2006) to the team (the Red Sox using Twitter to give away free tickets during a rain delay) to the league (the NHL's tweetups ), social media has gone from being an innovative marketing tactic to a must-have component of any marketing strategy. League and individual team marketing functions are hard at work thinking up all kinds of new ways to use social media to increase fan loyalty, buy tickets, buy merchandise, and watch/listen to the games via myriad devices

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Socializing the business - the light's on but there's no one home

Social is about instant messaging, presence indicators, activity streams, staff profiles, forums, video-conferencing and much more… And it appears that organizations are understanding this, with good levels of social integration to a wide-range of areas such as project management, staff communication and content management, as well as the blindingly obvious marketing integration. The interesting thing about the marketing results, aren't that the marketing department are integrating social into their processes - we know that already - but that most of those that are going to do this have done it already, and predicted further uptake across the next 12 months is minimal

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Measuring Influence Is Hard

With the rise of social media as a primary nurturing utility for the sales pipeline, as well as net-new customer marketing tools comes the need to manage and measure these tools

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It's the Metadata, Stupid: SharePoint 2010 in the Twittersphere, Part 1

Here are those counts and the search statements that counted them -- first by marketing spin and then by the applications most commonly associated with SharePoint platforms: #metrics #SharePoint #metadata #MMS #buzz #socialmedia #InternetMarketing #twitter

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Contextual Collaboration - The Challenges and How HCL Can Help

A Google search on the term “collaboration” fetches about 275 million results today. Its popularity notwithstanding, the term has been one of the hardest to define. One of the commonest definitions of “collaboration” is that “it is a journey in which two or more...

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The Social Business Roadmap: Background

At the same time, we found that many of the resources on the web focused fairly narrowly on social media marketing. There are very few quality resources available that address internal use cases or even external ones apart from marketing, sales, and customer service

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