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SharePoint and Multi-repository Content Governance in 2014

This might be more practical in the future, and we are looking for an update in this area at next week’s SharePoint Conference in Vegas...Will this happen in 2014? 2015? Hard to tell

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SPC14 Results: 3 Reasons the SharePoint On-Premise roadmap has changed to a severe O365 warning

Last year's conference announced the integration of Yammer into the O365 family, and the promise that Microsoft would learn from the start-ups' iterative development cycle

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Navigating the “World of SharePoint 2010” and All It Encompasses - Part 1

SharePoint Conferences Prior to reading this section you may want to have an Advil or Tylenol bottle close at hand. I have had the pleasure of speaking at most every type of SharePoint conference in the U.S. and a few in Canada and I can tell you that all of these conference have the very best intentions in mind; Sharing information to the attendees so they can take it back to their place of work and perform at a high level or provide this knowledge to co-workers, etc. Having spoken at over 100 conferences in the past 2 years I see a pattern developing recently thou that is starting to take the “fire” or interest out of some of the conferences

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Governance, now so hip it hurts... two SharePoint experts and an innocent bystander

To re-iterate a bit from Nick and Christian’s posts, the whole reason for these commentaries was based on something Jeff Teper stated at the recent SharePoint Conference, which was as follows: Governance is not an issue in SharePoint 2010

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SharePoint Saturday: A User Community Like No Other

In a nutshell, a bunch of SharePoint experts walk/bus/bike/fly/drive to exotic (and not such exotic ) locations to participate in a mini conference on SharePoint…all on a Saturday

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Death of a Trade Show

In the U.S. anyway so pencil in the conference as a geeky windowless tourist destination That leaves open a big, plump mid-tier of former attendees who see the show as a standalone more than a standout for opening doors, alliances, and at least two or less clicks removed from purse strings

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SharePoint 2010, Mobility, Browser Compatibility, Compliance, and its Continued Dominance in the Marketplace

My theory on these writers or speakers who have these opinions (or hopeful “stock puts”) is that they do only that… write and speak but really don’t ever set foot into a client’s conference room or have more of a vested interest in LiveLink, OpenText, etc. succeeding, and don’t spend 5 days a week over months working with a client on their initial business requirements, political challenges, functional and compliance requirements, development best practices, roadmap, and governance challenges that the organization faces or will face

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