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Security Governance Best Practices for SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 | SharePoint Online

Security Governance Best Practices for SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 | SharePoint Online EPC Group understands that security has never been a hotter topic in IT, but in most cases, even though it is being discussed by members of the organization and dominates a good deal of technology news coverage, it is still often not properly addressed in many SharePoint deployments

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Information Security Checklist: Best Practices for SharePoint

Below is a list of some best practices that will ensure true security of your SharePoint data: Content needs to be monitored in both real time and on a schedule, using rule based automated processes in such a way as to provide systematic protection of information

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Security & Identity Management Considerations for Application Development in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

You should always keep in mind SharePoint 2013’s “claims first” authentication architecture during your development as well as in discussions with the business about their custom requirements

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Managing Security/Permissions in SharePoint - The Hard Way

Here we look at the challenges you will face managing security and permissions within SharePoint and discuss why you should make it a key element of your Information Architecture plan

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution for cleaning up the information mess?

I work with many organizations with SharePoint intranet sites that are simply a MESS! Yes, that's you and your intranet! Admit it -- your intranet sites look like they were built in 1999 with big fonts, bigger graphics, static and outdated links & content, and absolutely no...

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Content: It’s All About (Safe) Access

Private clouds can greatly help organizations maintain a fair degree of control over standards and best practices for mobile users, while still making it possible to have data “live anywhere

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