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Kodak: The End of an Era

This week Eastman Kodak Co., a pioneer and longtime industry camera and film leader, announced it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. While most known for their cameras, film and film processing, Kodak also holds a reported 1,100 patents for digital technology such as cameras,...

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A scanning project worthy of a 'Band of Brothers'

I opened a letter that has sat untouched for the last 70 years. Musty, brittle, and faded, I pried the paper from its well-worn sleeve. For the past few days, I’ve repeated this ritual hundreds of times as I’ve meticulously prepared and scanned the letters from my maternal...

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OCR Stands for Automation – Not Literally

Two weeks ago, Michael Wells wrote a post for the Capture Community about removing the human . I found it interesting for a number of reasons. Not just because I am fond of robots, but because I appreciate the value of automated process in replacing the individual with more consistent and...

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Trends Towards Higher Resolution Scanning

Napster, MP3, YouTube, iPhone and MySpace. You may be asking yourself “what does this have to do with document scanning?” In reality, not much, other than large file sizes, however when we draw an analogy between large audio files like those found on Napster such as wav files or mp3...

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Why Your Scanner Matters

“What do you mean, I can’t use my scanner?” I do hear this from time to time, unfortunately. You see, we have some fairly strict rules about our capture devices. Before we took ECM seriously we had a number of users and departments who had purchased scanners with the...

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Selecting the right scanner, 8 things to consider

1. Scanning speed Most of the times when we are presenting a solution to a client, there is one question that always pop up. “ What is the speed of your scanner?”. Almost everyone think that higher the speed of the scanner, higher the output. Well, my personal opinion is that...

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Meet Chris – Document Imaging Guy

No, document imaging is not the sexiest topic, but I have to own my involvement in it. I did not expect that I would be one of the leading experts in document imaging and recognition technologies, but it was a natural evolution that followed a career path, and now I am here. My induction...

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How to Pick a Scanner

These days, even though we are experiencing the effects of social media, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, electronic forms, digital signatures, and process oriented solutions, there is still a need to scan paper. Whether it is a backfile of inactive records, or an interim solution until you get that...

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