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Online reputation second chance

Whether you’re a Facebook user, a Twitter user or simply a collaborator using an intranet social network, you are now required to manage your online reputation. Long gone are the days where it was ok to have simple fun and speak your mind without giving a second thought. With recruiters...

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So … What is Yammer? My Simple View

You may have heard that Microsoft is buying a company called Yammer for $1.2 Billion dollars. You may be wondering what this means. You also may be wondering just what Yammer is. Below I have provided a very simple, yet I think apropos, description of what Yammer is and why Microsoft was willing...

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How to Reward and Recognize Employees in E2.0?

As we roll-out and gain maturity with Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) in our workplaces there is a desire to reward and recognize employees who best exemplify the desired behaviors and actions in using the solutions effectively to help achieve business needs. There is a great opportunity that exists...

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