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The Need for Change Management

What would software development be without change management? The two are inseparable...What is change management? When people talk about change management in high-tech, they are usually referring to the tools that manage source code

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Project Information Management on SharePoint

When you think about using a technology platform like SharePoint to facilitate the management of things like strategic planning and the project management process, there are a few different levels to consider: 1

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Records Management: Definitions, Principles, Standards and Trends | 2012

Records Management: Definitions, Principles, Standards and Trends Video of the presentation "Records Management: Definitions, Principles, Standards and Trends" by Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer @ DMS EXPO 2012, Stuttgart, Germany The powerpoint slides are available: #Records-Management #InformationGovernance #UlrichKampffmeyer #information governance #Standards #PROJECTCONSULT #ElectronicRecordsManagement #DMSEXPO #trends #ERM #electronic records management #video #ECM

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Nerd Alert: This Post is About Peter Jackson, Tolkien, and Project Management

Because… It’s in the extended editions that the rich context of the project management required to make the films comes alive

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The Utopian Hysteria of the IT Chargeback Model

Many IT organizations want to find a way to show a return on investment (ROI) for their IT and project management activities, often foraging into some version of a chargeback model without understanding the fieldwork done by other organizations

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Is your collaboration process letting you collaborate effectively?

Yet at the same time, project documentation is often the most poorly managed from an information management perspective...The project manager, and perhaps team leads, have Microsoft Project or another project management tool

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