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Multi-Channel Input Management

What is Input Management? Until recently, I thought that I knew the answer to this question but if I put the search term into Google, just about every “definition” ends up referring to scanners. Fair enough, I know that the term was first coined as a marketing tool about 10...

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How To: File and Document Conversion with Cloud Storage

You ask and you shall receive. Our fearless AIIM Community Leader, Bryant Duhon , recently shared the results of a survey conducted of you, the AIIM Community Blog readership; about what more we can do to enhance the usefulness of our blog posts. An overwhelming majority...

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PDF - Not dead yet!

I read a blog post several weeks or so ago touting that PDF should die and die fairly soon. This blog post stirred a bit of angst amongst many PDF product developers and individuals who devote time to develop standards to in fact make PDF more open and a better file format. As I read the post...

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What is PDF/A?

This presentation by my colleague Betsy Fanning provides you with a good overview of PDF/A. What is PDF/A? View more presentations from Betsy Fanning . #ScanningandCapture #Records-Management #imaging #PDF #PDF/A

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