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Smart and Smarter - It's not just OCR

Conversion can either can be drawing manually using heads up digitizing (this is tracing lines like you did in elementary school) or you can utilize R2V software. This type software tool is like OCR but it’s more

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An Insider’s View on Recognition Technology: Tips for Ensuring a Successful Implementation

Recognition software can be comprised of a variety of technologies – OCR software (Optical Character Recognition), which recognizes data that is in the form of machine print; ICR software (Intelligent Character Recognition), which recognizes handwriting, including handprint and cursive writing (though definitions and capabilities vary among vendors); among other image analysis and pattern recognition technologies. To get the most out of recognition software, those implementing and involved with it at organizations need to understand how the technology works in order to set appropriate expectations

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Frankie-the-frustrated worker dealing with lack of direct Line of Business integration and Manual Data Entry

To illustrate my point let's take one of the most popular Software as a Service (SaaS) applications ever,’t there a more efficient method to automatically populate data in your software application instead of costly manual data entry?

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OCR to Better Business Processes

OCR software typically offers a variety of saving options that are ideal for legal materials, news summaries, research reports and other key documents...Some OCR software also provides a great tool for tables and spreadsheets

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