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"(I Don't Care What You Say Anymore...) This is My Sites"

Making the user the master of their own organizational structures is a subtle and persuasive way for ECM holdouts to stop using Outlook in ways it was never meant to be deployed -- namely the de facto document server

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Shifting my paradigm

Everyday I check email on Outlook, write my correspondence on Word, and present my great ideas on PowerPoint...I laugh when I think about all the people I know that will have a coronary when their Outlook, Word and PowerPoint is gone

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Life-Changing Technology?

Luckily, these collaboration technologies extend across our entire Enterprise Platform including multi-user document editing in Office 2010, embedded Presence and Instant Messaging in Outlook (and Outlook Web App), and even allow me to federate with external partners and customers for simplistic and secure collaboration with these users as well

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Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint

Executives value the option to have an extra layer of management and control on top of familiar Excel spreadsheets and Outlook environments to help enable risk management, compliance and business efficiencies for organizations

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Is Microsoft Dying?

That doesn’t happen to Microsoft in reverse when users used to use a pirated copy of Outlook to access their personal email

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The SharePoint effect

For users to learn SharePoint is not too unlike software applications they are already familiar with using such as Internet Explorer, Word, Excel or Outlook

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Q&A on Document Scanning for Microsoft SharePoint

With Microsoft operating systems and office applications being the primary graphic user interfaces most people are using in their organizations, it just makes sense the commonality between SharePoint and an application such as Outlook give the users a comfort level that typically does not involve complicated training

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