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What's Your Process

Hi there, it’s time to play What's Your Process; the fun new way to increase and enhance your operational efficiency. I know what you are thinking. Bob is once again falling off the deep end. Not true. In fact it is the total opposite, I am telling you that it is time to take a step...

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Help us to better understand the use of Process Mapping & Modelling Tools

Some of you may recollect that In 2009, I conducted a survey into the use (or non use!) of mapping and modelling tools, for process improvement. At the time the survey was said to have been the most comprehensive of its kind to have been undertaken. Now I need your help. Much has...

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Of Content and Process

There are some folks who believe that content and process are less related that one might believe. Content is content and process is process; never the twain shall meet. My belief is that content and process are closely related and that content without process goes nowhere and process without...

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Oh, the Humanity!

During my AIIM webinar last week on BPM and workflow, the conversation at one point turned toward how hard it can be to solicit information about how an organization’s business processes actually work. One of our attendees then wondered whether the issue often isn’t simply that...

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PG&E Misses Key Deadline to Produce Records

“Pacific Gas & Electric has acknowledged it will miss a key deadline by more than a year to produce documents on the history of weld problems over the past 55 years in its gas transmission system…In a regulatory filing Tuesday, the utility admitted it will be unable to meet the...

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Records Inventorying: Deontic Questions with Criterial Leap

So, I’m trying a new (for me) inventorying technique: deontic questions with criterial leap. I know, I know--but stay with me here. Basically it’s active listening influenced by the presuppositions of conditional probability (or the probability of an event occurring,...

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