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How to choose the right metrics for proving ROI of electronic records management

In a three-part post we will take a look at the vital role of metrics in monitoring the performance of your RM program and demonstrating the ROI of your electronic records management system. It has always been a challenge for records and information management (RIM) professionals to...

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ECM Hosting Services

Has anyone implement a hosting service or SaaS for their ECM solution? #ElectronicRecordsManagement #Is #anyone #hosting #ScanningandCapture #solution #SharePoint #using #SaaS #or

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ERM Elements from the Inside Out

If you’re doing ERM, chances are you either volunteered for it, were assigned to it, or incredibly, actually chose the field because you’re interested in it. You may be an IT person, a lawyer, a compliance officer, or a records manager. Those in finance, HR, or plant management may...

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