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10 Funny (and Sad) Office Videos

Many corporations have small cubicles, bad infrastructure, and demanding supervisors, which often leads to unmotivated and stressed employees. Below are some funny (and sad) videos that document very well the implications of an old Enterprise 1.0 environment. Check out the new Enterprise 2.0 ...

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Tough Love: Change. Now. Or Get Hacked

You’ve seen this kind of post before. Most recently, by Rob Gray when he said that most in this community build “systems of control” when we should be building “systems of engagement.” Oscar Berg echoed that: we’re not designing systems for easy adoption...

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AIIM 2012: Ted Schadler on Empowering Employees, SoLoMo, and Dilbert

Provisioning Today’s Information Worker Ted Schadler Vice President, Principal Analyst, and Co-author of Empowered Forrester Research Wednesday, March 21. 9:00 AM [Click here for the details of Ted's keynote.] BD: So what do workers liberated from their cube farm need to be able to work from a hardware perspective?

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A Fire Hose of Information

The reporter begins her article with this stat: "Information workers, who comprise about 63% of the U.S. work force, are each bombarded with 1.6 gigabytes of information on average every day through emails, reports, blogs, text messages, calls and more, according to preliminary data from a report coming later this year, an update of the 2003 "How Much Information?

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution for cleaning up the information mess?

We call this information overload and have all read the stats on the hidden costs and wasted productivity because knowledge workers spend too much time looking for information

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Set my content free!

So it’s not a problem to get at it…unless: you don’t have an ERP login; you can login but you don’t have permissions; the user interface is difficult or you aren’t trained; you don’t have remote or mobile access to ERP; you want to search across content from more than one system; you need to make it available to others outside the organization; you need to set a uniform retention period; you need to run e-discovery on it… Of course, providing information workers with ready access to the documents and content that they need to do their job is a given – in fact in the survey we ran, 71% of respondents consider ready access to documents to be “vital” to staff productivity and effectiveness

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