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Social Media: the Next eDiscovery Elephant in the Corner

business’s firewall and are not in control. In a recent survey by the...challenging. In short, social media composes new...In spite of the difficulties and lack of

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Why I'm interested in SharePoint

I’m interested in SharePoint...have in our professional lives and changing the social interactions information overload. I’ve been...University of Michigan in the early ‘90s

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Shacking Up - IT and RIM In Love

Back in June (2013) during the ARMA...(in whatever language they choose) is, be in those meetings TOGETHER. When HR...mean what RIM can and should be in 2013 and

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Information Governance…in Seven Really Difficult Steps

guarantees no one will read this, especially in...representatives of the business in the room. Not there strength in numbers, but you...whatever means are appropriate in your

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Information Governance in the Age of Facebook

governance in the social media era. IBM has...there isn't much in the way of...traditional metadata - in other words activity...existing governance principles to social - in

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Excluding The Information Professional In SharePoint

where do I fit in"? I'm usually the "Special Topics" section...Special Topics" in SharePoint, what...expansion in usage of SharePoint from 2007 to

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Enhancing Information Management in Health Care

A common topic of discussion in my...these are now in play, several order to comply and potentially...very much in favor of it all but there are...brought to light. In my view, this is long

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The Double-Edged Sword Of ROI In Information Governance

is that the first task in starting an...areas are posing a risk in an instance of your organization can find records in...what bottlenecks there may be, gaps in

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