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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

Content is our crown jewels—our only option is to do everything we can to protect it and make sure it is used in authorized ways

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Social Media: the Next eDiscovery Elephant in the Corner

In short, social media composes new challenges for both IT and legal departments...But in spite of numerous privacy laws, as employee you would do better to play it safe an exercise caution in what information you share

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LTFS 3: Linear Tape File System and the Future of Tape Data Storage

Since LTFS tapes can store large volumes — LTO-6 tapes can store up to 8 TB of data — LTFS is growing in popularity for the use cases of accumulating large pools of company data for analysis

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Why I'm interested in SharePoint

I’m interested in SharePoint because it's a technology that enables organizations to transform how they connect and communicate, work and work together, and manage process, projects, and information. What gets me excited about it is the impact it can have in our professional lives and the affect it can have on organizational culture and people -- similar to how technology is changing the social interactions in our personal lives

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Shacking Up - IT and RIM In Love

Having RIM sit with IT to explain RIM’s wants/needs (in whatever language they choose) is, in a word, crap...When Marketing wants to migrate from one platform to another, RIM/IT needs to be in those meetings TOGETHER

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Information Governance…in Seven Really Difficult Steps

Then try to put an EQUAL NUMBER of representatives of the business in the room...Make the policy known by whatever means are appropriate in your organization

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