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A not-so-brave world of paper

AIIM President John Mancini wrote a post recently called " The Brave New World of Scanning and Capture - Really? " that addressed some of the information management challenges associated with buying a car. I just had the opportunity to refinance my house and as I went through that...

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Image Recognition Performance: The Cost of Manual Processing

What are the cost of errors and rejects in manual processing? Costs can quickly mount, as illustrated by the following example. With recognition, there are two important variables affecting success rates that are specific to a customer: errors and rejects. Errors are issues...

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BYOD in Document Capture

Get ready … it’s coming. Well, actually … it’s already here. Yes! BYOD in Document Capture is already here and it’s just going to grow. Records Managers, Document and Policy Managers had better make plans … if they haven’t already. ...

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The Nasty Image Challenge

Occasionally, my OCR nerdiness is satisfied with something other than just explaining how the technology works. The first line of the email that kicks it off usually reads, “I have the nastiest images you have ever seen” or something similar. No, not what you are thinking! ...

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Image enhancement techniques in document capture

(note : This is a republication of a blog post I have written here . After reading Chris Riley ' s post about OCR image clean up thought of sharing it here.) Two main concerns for any document imaging exercise are the image quality and the file size. Anyone will need to get...

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They're scanned images, not flowers

Of course you want your scanned images to look as pretty as possible on the screen, but who’s to say what the OCR engines agree with your conditions for beauty. This blog post, perhaps a slap in the face, is about why you can over clean scanned images, to the point where your recognition...

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