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Are you doing enough to stop document leaks?

IT needs to find a way to apply centrally-defined security policies without any effort or awareness by users. Automated policy application in a transparent security environment keeps workers happy since it allows them to focus on getting their work done without thinking about security. Automating security policies also removes Big Brother-like obstacles to the collaboration that companies need to remain competitive and ensures policies are consistently applied

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ECM Holiday Wishes and New Year Pledges

RIM must provide governance, policy, and rules to determine if information is business records or convenience information. RIM must comply with requirements for external and internal reporting and ensure data is retained and destroyed in a controlled manner, in compliance with company policy

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Information Without Governance Is Like A Kid With Free Reign To The Cookie Jar

More and more cloud vendors are coming online, so it is impossible to create a policy to block them all. If you have your own cloud space then you only have one cloud to worry about auditing and having policies in place for instead of a sprawling untamable frontier of content that is impossible to police

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Defining the Differences Between Information Governance, IT Governance, & Data Governance

It includes the processes, roles and policies, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals

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Occupy IT: John Mancini Peers Behind the Fire Curtain

It was never realistic to assume that knowledge workers would assist in manually classifying documents according to a complex records retention schedule, and it is equally unrealistic to assume that we will manage the fire hose of data and unstructured ephemeral social content with the same degree of records rigor that we applied to retaining a life insurance policy for the life of the policy holder

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Creating a RIM Culture of Adaptability

With the consumerization of IT information might be created and stored in formats never used before so it is important to know how the BYOD policy is meeting their needs and ensuring they are not bypassing security policies by using public cloud sources for collaboration

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Why I hate IT

I was the one who could implement new bizarre network policies (for the good of mankind, naturally), and it was I who held the power to apply patches, and fixes, whenever I deemed it necessary

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