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Are Standards Useful?

The big daddy is ISO 15489, a standard in two parts. Part 1 is for a general audience, and it explains concepts like records authenticity, reliability, usability and integrity

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Records Management: an Optimists View and 5 Keys to Program Success

Records Management is and always will be a support function so staff must be trained on proper etiquette and client facing interaction • Become knowledgeable of the myriad of Records and Information based standards that exist such as: ISO 15489-1 and the MOREQ standards for electronic records • Become a champion of your organization’s Document Retention policy and be ready to train end users on proper compliance • Become not simply Records Managers but Content Managers

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PDF Week in Mississauga, Ontario

PDF/E (Engineering) – ISO 24517 and PRC - ISO 14739 ISO/DIS 14739-1 (PRC) along with PDF/E met on Monday

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