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Hate Networking? Three Things to Try at Your Next Conference

I bring this up because the Laserfiche Institute Conference is coming up later this week, and more than 1,600 people are registered to attend. The scale of this event, of course, is much different than the 30-person workshops my old firm hosted, but it’s entirely possible to come away from a large event such as Empower 2012 with valuable new connections

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How to Create a File Plan in SharePoint 2013

He is also the co-author of the AIIM Social Business Roadmap and led the development of the AIIM Email Management Certificate Program, the 2009 update to the AIIM ERM Certificate Program, and the AIIM Social Media Governance Certificate Program

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Tips for mobile application maintenance

Whatever the reasons, I believe that mobile is clearly here to stay, and that it is important to look at ways of building a mobile strategy that makes sense and is efficient

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Records Retention User Guide

The key to any retention schedule is: " what is the period before destruction?" or where do you look to find the legal and/or standard what? Now I have not read the new records retention users guide but

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