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How IT Pros Can Help Millennials Toe the Technology Line

I have a confession to make. When I was graduating from high school back in the 90s, I was asked a bunch of questions about the future. One of them was, “Will cellular phones replace land lines?” I answered, “No, never.” Today, of course, I haven’t had a land...

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HP acquiring Autonomy Raises Visibility for Information Management

Hearing the news of HP acquiring Autonomy for $10 billion is definitely an indication of the importance of information management. HP CEO Leo Apotheker said in an earnings call that he plans to “transform” HP to focus on the “enterprise information management space.” ...

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Motivating Content Sharing in Business: Focus on Cultural and Filter Failures

Your employees have a lot of knowledge in their heads. You want to extract it and turn it into a shared resource for the company. So you set up social tools like blogs and wikis and podcasting to give employees platforms for authoring their own content to share what they know and what they are...

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“Yes, I Was Burned but I Call It a Lesson Learned”*

Each morning, I open two tabs in my browser window that refresh all day: The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times . I find the FT more compelling and informative than TWSJ , but reading both helps me cut through bias. The career advice from FT is significantly better, more...

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